ToT Program on PFM and Budget Cycle

The overall purpose of this consultancy was to provide a detailed analysis and data of the status of the waste collection and recycling sector study in Somaliland. Waayeel Consulting collaborated with the Pharo Foundation to conduct this study, which aimed to assess various aspects of the waste management sector. The study focused on:

  • Analysis of overall sector regulations

  • Identification of key players and competitive environment

  • Evaluation of capacity in waste collection and recycling.

  • Assessment of challenges and opportunities in the sector
  • Identification of risks and other pertinent information.


Through comprehensive research and data analysis, Waayeel Consulting aimed to provide actionable insights to support informed decision-making and the development of effective strategies for improving waste management practices in Somaliland.



Pharo Foundation


Doner Funded

12 Weeks

Project Completion Time
Client Background

The Pharo Foundation is a private foundation established to support the economic development of Africa in a sustainable manner. With a focus on poverty alleviation, the foundation works across various sectors, including education, construction, health, agriculture, and livelihoods, to empower communities and foster inclusive growth.

Client Testimonial

The training program on budgeting and PFM organized by Waayeel Consulting exceeded my expectations. The facilitators were highly knowledgeable professionals who used practical examples that made the concepts easy to grasp. My skills in budget planning, implementation and reporting have significantly improved. I now feel more empowered and confident to champion transparency and accountability in managing scarce public funds.

Mohammed Abdirizak

Senior Officer, Budget Department at the Ministry of Finance

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