Tamini SOP development

Waayeel Consulting has been engaged by Tamini Insurance to overhaul their standard operating procedures (SOPs), key performance indicators (KPIs), and optimize their organizational structure.

Our team worked closely with the executive leadership and department heads to understand their workflows. We documented the step-by-step processes for their core operations, including claims processing, policy administration, and customer service. These SOPs standardized procedures across the organization.


We also established quantifiable KPIs aligned to Tamini Insurance's business objectives. These KPIs tracked essential outcomes such as customer satisfaction scores, first call resolution rates, claims processing times, and policy renewal rates.


The outcome of this engagement was transformative for Tamini Insurance. They now have consistency in executing operations, can measure productivity based on defined KPIs, and have positioned themselves for future growth with an optimized structure. We appreciated the opportunity to enable such operational excellence and are proud of the tremendous impact delivered collaboratively.



Tamin Insurance

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8 Weeks
Client Background

Tamini is proud to be the first Islamic insurance company in the Republic of Djibouti. Our mission is to deliver insurance for our clients through reliable, affordable and innovative solutions that respect their Islamic values.

Client Testimonial

As the General Manager at Tamini Insurance, I can directly attest to the immense value delivered by Waayeel Consulting on our SOP development initiative. The standardized operating procedures and KPI reporting systems they implemented have led to dramatic improvements in consistency, efficiency, and overall productivity across all areas of our business

Mohammed Bahdon

General Manager

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