Odoo Implementation for Al Furqaan Pharmaceutical Company

Al Furqaan Pharmaceutical Company, a leading healthcare provider in Somalia, has achieved significant improvements in its distribution and inventory management with the successful implementation of Odoo, a comprehensive business management software. The project was executed by Waayeel Consulting Ltd, a certified Odoo partner in Somalia, known for their expertise in delivering Odoo solutions tailored to local businesses.

Company Background:

SOCTA Development is an affiliate of OCTA Development, a business firm based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, providing real estate development advisory and project management services. We are a dynamic and forward-thinking construction firm committed to transforming ideas into reality. Our team, driven by passion and expertise, brings a dynamic blend of local expertise and global insights to every project. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and community development, we pride ourselves on being more than builders.


Challenges Faced by Al Furqaan Pharmaceutical Company

Prior to implementing Odoo, Al Furqaan Pharmaceutical Company faced several challenges in managing their operations:

  • Manual Processes: Al Furqaan relied heavily on manual processes for tasks like order processing, inventory tracking, and delivery scheduling. This led to inefficiencies, errors, and delays.

  • Limited Visibility: The lack of a centralized system made it difficult to gain real-time insights into inventory levels, order status, and sales performance.

  • Inventory Management Issues: Manual inventory management resulted in stockouts, overstocking, and difficulties in forecasting demand.


Odoo Implementation by Waayeel Consulting

Waayeel Consulting, with their in-depth knowledge of Odoo and the Somali healthcare landscape, designed and implemented a customized Odoo solution for Al Furqaan Pharmaceutical Company. The solution encompassed various Odoo modules, including:


  • Inventory Management: Streamlined stock control, with features for product categorization, barcode scanning, and real-time stock level tracking.
  • Sales & Distribution: Efficient order processing, automated purchase orders, and improved delivery route planning.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Generation of comprehensive reports on sales performance, inventory levels, and supplier analysis.


Success Achieved with Odoo

Since implementing Odoo, Al Furqaan Pharmaceutical Company has witnessed remarkable improvements in their operations:


  • Increased Efficiency: Automated workflows and centralized data management have significantly reduced processing times and improved overall operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Real-time data access allows for informed decision-making regarding inventory levels, order fulfillment, and supplier relationships.
  • Improved Inventory Management: Odoo's inventory management tools have minimized stockouts, reduced overstocking, and optimized forecasting capabilities.
  • Better Customer Service: Faster order processing and improved delivery tracking have led to enhanced customer satisfaction.


Al Furqaan Pharmaceutical Company


ERP System


6 Months

Implementation Process:

The Waayeel team followed a structured approach to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Requirement analysis and system design
  • Data migration from legacy systems
  • Customization of Odoo modules to fit Socta's specific needs
  • Integration with existing tools and third-party applications
  • Comprehensive training for Socta's staff
  • Go-live support and post-implementation assistance


The Odoo implementation by Waayeel Consulting Ltd brought about significant improvements for Socta Development:

  • Enhanced Project Management: Real-time tracking of project progress, costs, and resources led to improved project delivery and profitability.
  • Optimized Inventory Management: Accurate stock levels and automated reordering reduced project delays and carrying costs.
  • Streamlined HR Processes: Improved management of employee data, payroll, and performance across multiple project sites.
  • Financial Transparency: Integrated accounting module provided real-time financial insights, facilitating better decision-making.
  • Efficient Procurement: Streamlined purchase processes resulted in cost savings and better supplier management.
  • Improved Customer Relations: CRM module enhanced client communication and satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Centralized system improved information sharing and cooperation between departments.
  • Mobile Accessibility: On-site teams could access and update information in real-time using mobile devices.
  • Scalability: The flexible Odoo system positioned Socta Development for future growth and expansion.

Key Benefits:

  • 30% reduction in project delays
  • 25% improvement in inventory turnover
  • 20% increase in overall operational efficiency
  • 15% reduction in administrative costs
  • 40% faster month-end closing process

The successful Odoo implementation by Waayeel Consulting has empowered Al Furqaan Pharmaceutical Company to streamline their operations, gain better control over their inventory, and deliver superior customer service. This collaboration between a leading Somali healthcare provider and a certified Odoo partner serves as a prime example of how Odoo can revolutionize business operations in Somalia.

Client Testimonial

Partnering with Waayeel Consulting for our Odoo implementation has transformed our business operations. Their expertise and the powerful Odoo platform have given us the tools we need to manage our growth effectively and maintain our position as a leader in Somalia’s construction industry.”

Ahmed Hassan

CEO, Socta Development

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