Strategic Planning Project for NIRA

The project scope encompassed:


Conducting comprehensive research to understand the internal and external factors affecting NIRA's operations and objectives.

Engaging stakeholders, including NIRA officials, government representatives, and relevant experts, to gather insights and perspectives.

Analyzing data and information to identify key challenges, opportunities, and priorities for NIRA.

Developing a strategic plan outlining actionable goals, initiatives, and performance indicators aligned with NIRA's vision and mission.

Key Activities:


Conducting interviews and workshops with NIRA leadership and staff to understand organizational priorities and challenges.

Facilitating stakeholder consultations to gather input and feedback on strategic objectives and initiatives.

Analyzing data and trends related to identification and registration processes, technology advancements, and demographic changes.

Developing strategic frameworks, action plans, and performance measurement tools to guide NIRA's implementation efforts.


Through the strategic planning process led by Waayeel Consulting, NIRA has gained a comprehensive roadmap to guide its future initiatives and operations. The strategic plan developed outlines clear goals, initiatives, and performance indicators aligned with NIRA's vision and mission. By leveraging our expertise and collaborative approach, NIRA is better equipped to address current challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the field of identification and registration. The strategic plan serves as a foundation for NIRA's efforts to enhance service delivery, efficiency, and effectiveness in fulfilling its mandate for the benefit of the Somali population.



National Identification & Registration Authority

Sponsored by

World Bank
(Scale-up Projectss)


12 Weeks

Project Overview:

Waayeel Consulting spearheaded the design and development of a comprehensive corporate strategy for the National Insurance Authority (NIA). This strategic initiative was crafted over a five-year horizon, leveraging the Balanced Scorecard Model to ensure a holistic approach. The process involved dynamic analysis of the market landscape, identification of growth opportunities, and the establishment of clear goals and objectives. Waayeel Consulting collaborated closely with the leadership team and Board of Directors (BoD) of NIA to align their strategic direction with the overarching objectives outlined in the National Development Plan.



The Designed & Developed Corporate Strategy implemented by Waayeel Consulting has positioned the National Insurance Authority (NIA) for long-term success and sustainable growth. By leveraging the Balanced Scorecard Model and engaging in a dynamic and collaborative process, NIA now has a clear roadmap to navigate market dynamics, capitalize on growth opportunities, and mitigate potential risks. The alignment of strategic goals with the National Development Plan ensures that NIA's efforts are synergistic with broader national objectives, contributing to the socioeconomic development of the country. The successful execution of this corporate strategy underscores Waayeel Consulting's commitment to delivering strategic solutions that drive organizational excellence and value creation for our clients.

Client Background

The National Identification & Registration Authority (NIRA) of Somalia is a governmental organization tasked with managing the issuance of national identification cards and the registration of vital events such as births, deaths, marriages, and divorces within the country. Established to facilitate the identification and documentation of Somali citizens, NIRA plays a crucial role in promoting governance, security, and service delivery.

Client Testimonial

The training program on budgeting and PFM organized by Waayeel Consulting exceeded my expectations. The facilitators were highly knowledgeable professionals who used practical examples that made the concepts easy to grasp. My skills in budget planning, implementation and reporting have significantly improved. I now feel more empowered and confident to champion transparency and accountability in managing scarce public funds.

Mohammed Abdirizak

Senior Officer, Budget Department at the Ministry of Finance

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