What we do

We provide excellent, valid, reliable Services


Our work in Business Consulting & Project Management spans over a decade with a focus on developing strategies and solutions for financial institutions, corporates, the health sector, the energy sector, non-governmental organizations, and governments.


21st century development discourse is characterized with technology and innovation every institution must adopt or perish. To thrive the organization must seek a high end technological solution that is resistible to external penetration


Waayeel Consulting offers diverse advisory and research experience in public sector development. Carrying out cutting-edge research and advisory that provides answers to critical questions facing the public & NGO sector and offers tangible solutions is part of our DNA.


Waayeel Consulting has had greater impact in training. We have expertise in offering corporate training to staff through our master classes to enhance their soft skills. By investing in your staffs, organization can visualize their objectives and become more responsive, agile , and innovative in adopting to the new changes.